National Equity Fund

Housing+Healthcare Initiative

National Equity Fund serves as an experienced intermediary by connecting healthy housing investment opportunities using a Social Determinants of Health (SDoH) investment model for healthcare partners. NEF's team of housing experts has assembled new innovative partnership structures that connect healthcare partners with housing partners in the communities they serve and markets where they want to grow. Housing is a key component of stabilizing at-risk communities around the country, and our team is ready to help our healthcare partners lead with new, innovative investment solutions.

NEF understands the need for stable housing to support families and individuals toward better health and stronger communities.

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Housing+Health partnerships

Working with NEF and our extensive network of housing partners across the country gives healthcare organizations an opportunity to invest in affordable housing through:

These affordable housing developments generally serve the same community members that Medicaid Managed Care Organizations (MCOs), Hospital Systems, and Accountable Care Organizations (ACOs) already serve. This collaboration allows health investors to influence the quality, location, and services during the planning stages in an effort to improve health outcomes while meeting the business needs of the organization.

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Jo Ellen McNamara

Vice President Housing+Health Relationships

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John Jablonsky

Managing Director Investor Relations

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what makes our team different

Our team of Housing+Health experts specializes in understanding the business of healthcare, the objectives for market growth, and how to successfully support community members we have in common — families living on low incomes, workforce households, people experiencing chronic homelessness, aging community members, and those with developmental, physical, and behavioral health disabilities who need stable housing to begin their pathway to better health and wellness.

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NEF has developed a proprietary SDOH approach including a state Medicaid RFP tracking tool and a comprehensive SDoH program of broad social system sustainability, social needs analysis, intervention, and detailed resident level reporting. This program has been designed with healthcare organization needs at the forefront and includes qualitative and quantitative analysis to support our investment partners. In addition to the best-in-class standard NEF investment reporting, our program also includes planning, designing, and program implementation for impact investment and Medicaid RFP response support.

NEF is focused on building success for our healthcare partners by demonstrating how housing, healthcare, and social determinant services can collaborate to improve individual and population health.